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Philadelphia criminal defense lawyer, David S. Nenner, has over 30 years of experience and compiled a legal library about various types of criminal cases.  This Philadelphia, PA drugs and narcotics law library addresses various drug charges and issues related to state and Federal drug charges.  This legal library is for information only and is not a substitute for legal advice.

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  • Top Rated Philadelphia Criminal Lawyer Discusses PA Drug Charges & Federal Drug Charges When a defendant is charged with Pennsylvania drug charges, they may also be charged with Federal drug charges depending on the circumstances of the crime and the amount of drugs.  In this article, David Nenner, a top rated Philadelphia criminal defense lawyer, discusses Federal and Pennsylvania drug charges and the penalties associated with them.
  • Arrested for a Drug Crime in Philadelphia? Different Types of Bail If an individual is arrested for drug charges in Philadelphia, can they get bail? If so, how are the amounts determined?  Whether an individual gets bail and the amount of bail are dependent on the facts of the case and the types of charges.  This article discusses different types of bail. If your loved one was arrested for drug possession or other drug charges, it is best to consult a Philadelphia criminal defense lawyer.
  • Drug Charges in Philadelphia PA State Court – Possession of a Controlled Substance A common drug charge in Philadelphia is Possession of a Controlled Substance.  What are the consequences if a defendant is convicted? Does the amount of the controlled substance affect the penalties?  See answer in this article.
  • Defenses to Philadelphia Drug Charges – By a Philadelphia Criminal Defense Lawyer If you face drug charges in Philadelphia, it does not mean that you will be convicted of the charges.  Pursuant to PA criminal law, defendants are innocent until proven guilty.  There are defenses to drug charges, and having an experienced Philadelphia criminal defense lawyer on your side is key to achieving the best result.  There may be issues with evidence which can be suppressed.  For instance, drug evidence may be illegally obtained by the police and can be thrown out. In this article, David Nenner, Esq. discusses defenses in Philadelphia criminal drug cases.
  • Philadelphia, PA Drug Charges: What is Drug Delivery Resulting in Death? There are varying degrees of seriousness for Philadelphia drug cases.  For instance, simple possession of a small amount of marijuana is less serious than possessing a larger amount of marijuana with intent to deliver.  One of the more serious drug charges is drug delivery resulting in death.  This article explains drug delivery resulting in death and what punishments convicted defendants face.
  • Criminal Drug Cases in Philadelphia – Suppression Issues & Post-Arrest Silence Individuals facing Philadelphia drug charges, such as simple possession or possession with intent to deliver (PWID), often want to know if they have legal grounds to fight their case.  Motions like a Motion to Suppress can be filed prior to trial which may result in the case being dismissed.  Drug evidence illegally obtained by the police may be suppressed.  For example, if the police found the drug evidence in a home after entering the home without a warrant, then the evidence was not legally obtained.
  • How is “Possession” Defined in Philadelphia Federal Criminal Drug Cases? In general, PA drug laws are similar to federal drug laws.  Both PA and federal drug laws have a charge for drug possession.  What is possession of a controlled substance?  What evidence does the prosecution have to present to prove that the accused had possession of the drugs? Does it have to be on them, i.e., in their pocket?  Does the accused have possession if the drugs were found in their home?  See answers to these questions in this article.

Suppressing Drug Evidence in Philadelphia Criminal Cases

Just because individuals are arrested for drug charges does not mean that they will be convicted.  Defendants are innocent until proven guilty, and the prosecutor has the burden to prove the defendant’s guilt.  Sometimes, drug evidence is illegally obtained and may be suppressed.  If key evidence to proving a defendant’s guilt is suppressed, the defendant will likely not be convicted.

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Updated: November 14, 2016