Oct 152020
Pennsylvania (State) Drug Charges, Dog Sniffs & Constitutional Law

Federal and Pennsylvania state courts treat narcotics dog searches differently. So different that the same scenario could result in different outcomes in federal versus state court. For example, a Philadelphia resident is pulled over for speeding. During the traffic stop, a narcotics officer arrives on the scene with a drug dog who sniffs the car [Read more here.]

Oct 062020
Dog Sniff Searches of Cars in Pennsylvania Traffic Stops (Federal Law)

Dog or canine searches of cars during traffic stops in PA often lead to drug possession/dealing charges and gun charges. For example, a police officer pulls over a driver for speeding. During the traffic stop, a canine search is performed revealing several bags of heroin. The individual is arrested and charged with federal charges, drug [Read more here.]

Sep 172020

On December 21, 2018, federal sentencing laws for drug cases were amended significantly. The First Step Act removed the mandatory life sentence for 3 time drug offenders in high quantity drug dealing cases and also reduced the mandatory minimum sentences for 2nd offenses. Also, the First Step Act also made the Fair Sentencing Act of [Read more here.]

Feb 042019
Pennsylvania Car Search & Seizure Law – Consent Search (After Being Told You’re Free to Go)

By a Philadelphia Criminal Attorney Many Philadelphia residents and out of town residents get pulled over in their cars while driving in Philadelphia and the surrounding counties, like Delaware County, Montgomery County or Chester County. Law enforcement including local police, state police or federal agents often search the car for evidence of drug use/dealing and [Read more here.]