Feb 072018
Pennsylvania Search & Seizure Law in Criminal Drug & Gun Cases in Philadelphia - Collective Knowledge Doctrine

A look at recent changes to Pennsylvania search and seizure law and the collective knowledge doctrine. The collective knowledge of police officers can be used to justify a warrantless arrest or stop and pat without reasonable suspicion, even where there’s no evidence that the arresting officer had actual knowledge of the facts to form probable cause or reasonable suspicion, if a fellow officer from the same unit/investigation had such knowledge.

Sep 282017

In Philadelphia criminal defense cases, whether it is a homicide case, weapons case or a drug related case, the prosecution has the burden to prove that the defendant committed the crime.  As such, the prosecution has to provide evidence to prove the defendant’s guilt, i.e., a weapon, eye witness testimony, drugs or other types of [Read more here.]

Aug 112017
Stop and Frisk in Philadelphia Criminal Drug Cases

Philadelphia police will stop individuals when they have reasonable suspicion to believe that criminal activity is at hand, such as selling drugs.  However, many of these stops made by the police are illegal.  According to reports, about 140,000 people were stopped in 2016, and 35,000 people were stopped illegally.* In order to stop someone, the [Read more here.]