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    Chester, PA Shootings & Homicides, May 2020

    There’ve been 17 homicides in Chester, PA so far this year, and at least two of the cases resulted in the deaths of minors. According to several news reports, a 7 year old was shot and killed by a stray bullet in April, and in early May, a 13 year old was shot after he left his home to play basketball.

    Chester’s homicide total in 2020 is on track to top 2019’s total, 18 homicides. Despite having a population of just over 33,000, Chester’s homicide rate, .05%, is one of the nation’s highest, even higher than Philadelphia. With a population of over 1.5 million, and roughly 110 homicides so far in 2020, Philly’s homicide rate is less than .008%. But, the lower homicide rate in Philadelphia doesn’t mean Philadelphia’s homicide rate is decreasing. Even with a homicide rate lower than Chester, Philadelphia is still on track to beat last year’s homicide total.

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    Murder & Homicide Charges – The Risk of False Confessions When Murder Cases Increase

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    When any city sees an increase in the number of violent crimes, law enforcement often faces increased pressure to make arrests and ultimately get convictions. Especially when investigating multiple homicides, whether it’s a first degree murder, felony murder or manslaughter, an officer may engage in aggressive and sometimes unethical tactics designed to get a suspect to confess. In homicide cases, the risk of a false confession is actually quite high for suspects who have mental or emotional difficulties. This is true in investigations in large cities like Philadelphia and smaller towns like Chester, PA. For example, a suspect who has autism and/or anxiety may end up giving a false confession due to the highly stressful nature of a police interrogation.

    Our criminal defense law firm fights for the constitutional and legal rights of those accused of crimes. Every citizen has a right to present the best defenses possible when accused of a crime, no matter how serious the crime may be. Firm founder David Nenner has over 30 years of experience representing Philly area residents in major felony cases including homicide, drug possession or dealing and illegal gun possession cases.

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    Mr. Nenner's client was charged with multiple crimes (murder, conspiracy, aggravated assault, robbery, etc.) after a shooting death occurred at a gambling house in North Philadelphia. At trial, Mr. Nenner successfully presented a self-defense argument and convinced...


    Mr. Nenner’s client was charged with murder and gun charges in Philadelphia. The client was accused of shooting and killing another male on Arch Street near the 5600 block of Ithan Street in Philadelphia. The jury returned a verdict of not guilty after deliberating...

    Drug Possession Case – Motion to Suppress Granted

    Mr. Nenner presented evidence that to show that the traffic stop was a pretextual stop. The officer had no reason to pull the car over. The judge agreed and suppressed the evidence. As a result, the prosecution withdrew the charges.

    Attempted Murder Case – Not Guilty Jury Verdict

    Mr. Nenner presented a self-defense argument, and the jury returned a “not guilty” verdict after a 7 day trial in Philadelphia.

    3rd Degree Murder Case – Charges Dismissed for Co-Defendants

    Mr. Nenner represented co-defendants in a shooting death in North Philadelphia. Both cases were ultimately dismissed.

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    In criminal trials in Philadelphia, one pretty common defense tactic is pointing the finger at another person at trial. This can raise enough doubt to result in a not guilty verdict by the judge or jury that the defendant was not the perpetrator of the crime. Here’s...

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    Dog Sniff Searches of Cars in Pennsylvania Traffic Stops (Federal Law)

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