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    Civil Litigation 

    David is an experienced trial lawyer with an excess of thirty- five years of civil trial experience. Since 1985, David has secured six figure verdicts and settlement amounts on behalf of his personal injury clients.

    In 2019, David was lead counsel for a Philadelphia citizen who while suffering an asthmatic attack, fell in her hospital room causing her to suffer a serious fracture to her tibia bone. Following David’s closings argument to the jury, the insurance company tendered approximately a half million dollars for resolution of the case.

    During David’s second decade of practice, he represented a young mentality challenged teenager who had been sexually assaulted by a co-worker who was working at the same fast food restaurant as part of a suburban county prison work release program. The depositions and pre-trial discovery process had been quite contentious and hard fought. Ultimately, the case resolved through a mediation process which provided the client with a structured settlement providing the client with multiple years of guaranteed financial security.

    David also represented a two year old boy who along with some older kids had wandered near the trolly tracks owned by a local transportation authority. The trolley’s operator who was engaged in a conversation on his cell phone, failed to take notice that the toddler was in harm’s way. At maximum speed the trolley struck and killed this precious child almost instantly. Although there were legitimate defense claims that the child’s mother had been negligent in failing to supervise her child at the time of the tragedy, David secured the statutory maximum recovery on behalf of his client and surviving family members.

    David has also utilized his vast experience in trying complex homicide and other criminal cases to assist his civil clients in proving their claims against government entities and law enforcement officers for false arrest, unlawful imprisonment, and malicious prosecution.

    In 2015, David successfully litigated a case on behalf of a young man who was incarcerated for approximately three months following his arrest for criminal trespass of a residential property. The arresting officer filed a sworn affidavit alleging that the property owner had never provided my client with permission to enter or remove fixtures or personal property from what appeared to be an abandoned and uninhabitable residence. David was able to establish through records and witness testimony that the owner of the property was deceased at the time of the alleged crime and that the real property had in fact been abandoned. Thus, the affidavit in support of the arrest was false. Prior to trial the defendant municipality and defendant police officers refused to offer any money for resolution of my clients claims for monetary damages. After David cross examined the offending police officers at trial the case resolved for an amount in excess of three hundred thousand dollars.

    David handles his evolving caseload with determination and dedication. He was trained and mentored by the best trial lawyers in the City of Philadelphia. David learned early in his legal career that if you can’t go to war on behalf of your client, then you have no right to earn the privilege of representing that client.

    David has been described by his clients as a warrior, a tenacious and unrelenting trial lawyer, and a beast in the court room. Regardless of those specific attributes assigned to his litigation skills by his clients, David is committed to achieving the best possible outcome on behalf of all his clients.

    David S. Nenner

    “Top Rated Criminal Defense Lawyer”

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