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    Comm. v. Akil Jones, Case Study (April 2021 Murder Trial)

    – Case Description

    Mr. Akil Jones was arrested for murder and various firearm charges in connection with the shooting death of a young man in West Philadelphia. The Commonwealth used two eyewitnesses at trial.

    Information Filed: 11/25/2019

    Jury Trial: 4/28/2021

    Not Guilty Verdict: 4/30/2021

    David S. Nenner

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    Trial Summary

    By using crime scene photos and effective cross examination of the two alleged eyewitnesses to the murder, Mr. Nenner was able to establish that these witnesses could not have witnessed the murder because they were one block away on Ithan Street, which runs perpendicular to Arch Street (where the shooting occurred).

    The eyewitnesses in their first statements to Philadelphia Police homicide detectives represented that they heard but never saw the shooting or shooter. In their second statements to homicide detectives one witness told police that he heard the shots and ran to the corner of Ithan and Arch where he witnessed Mr. Nenner’s client jump into a vehicle holding a firearm. While there was a video which showed two vehicles take off quickly after the shooting, there was no physical or scientific evidence that linked the client to the shooting.

    Final Result

    The jury deliberated for a mere 20 minutes before returning to the courtroom with not guilty verdicts.