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    Our criminal law firm represents clients in Delaware County, Pennsylvania who are facing homicide, drug possession/dealing and illegal firearm possession charges.

    Criminal Cases Handled in Delaware County: Media, Broomall, Chester, Newtown Square, Ridley, Upper Darby, Drexel Hill, Chadds Ford. Call for a FREE consultation (215) 564-0644

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    David Nenner Top Philadelphia criminal defense lawyer

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    Firm partner David Nenner is a highly rated and experienced criminal lawyer who has represented clients in federal and state cases for over 30 years. He focuses on major felony matters including homicide, murder drug and gun cases.

    Mr. Nenner’s cases are often featured in local and national news. Most recently, in 2019, he handled a murder case in Philadelphia which resulted in a Not Guilty jury verdict. He presented a successful self-defense theory based on the evidence and effective cross-examination (Commonwealth v. Jabir Kennedy).

    Approach in Defending Criminal Cases in Delaware County

    For criminal cases in Delaware County, Mr. Nenner uses an effective approach for getting the best results for his clients. The most important factor is a full investigation which includes locating any and all evidence that’s helpful for the defense. This often includes interviewing key witnesses, both eyewitnesses and character witnesses.

    Latest Not Guilty Case Result: In May 2021, Mr. Nenner’s client was found NOT GUILTY in a murder and robbery case in Philadelphia. See Commonwealth v. Washington.  See more criminal case results.

    Constitutional/Legal Defenses

    Some criminal charges in Delaware County may be dismissed or reduced by successfully raising constitutional or legal challenges to the Delco District Attorney’s prosecution. This includes Motions to Suppress Evidence due to violations of search and seizure law.

    One of the most important factors in winning a Motion to Suppress Evidence based on police conduct is to have independent evidence of the illegal police acts i.e., any evidence which can corroborate the defendant’s version of events and show that the officer is not telling the truth.

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    Delaware County Criminal Court & Probation Info

    *Info below is current as of April 2022; confirm info at

    Delco Courthouse: 201 West Front Street, Media, PA 19063, (610) 891-4000

    Delco Probation Office: 3rd and Orange Streets, Media, PA 19063, (610) 891-4590 *Fronefield Building Entrance

    Additional Delco Probation Offices

    • Chester: 151 West 5th Street, Chester, PA 19013, (610) 447-1746
    • Sharon Hill: 1600 Calcon Hook Road and Tribbet Ave., Bldg #4,Sharon Hill, PA 19079, (610) 461-8287
    • Upper Darby: 6909 Ludlow Street, 6th Floor, Upper Darby, PA 19082, (610) 713-2525

    David S. Nenner

    "Top Rated Criminal Defense Lawyer"

    MURDER, Att. Murder CHARGES – Negotiated Significantly Lower prison sentence (Feb. 2022, PHILA)

    Mr. Anderson faced murder and attempted murder charges after an incident in Northeast Philadelphia involving the shooting death of Anderson’s sister’s boyfriend and the boyfriend’s roommate who was shot 5 times and survived. The decedent had previously beaten the...


    The Commonwealth alleged that Mr. Shelton shot and seriously injured a male in a bar in North Philadelphia called Circles. There was video of the shooting which happened outside the bar. However, Mr. Nenner presented witnesses who testified that the person in the bar...


    Mr. Nenner's client was charged with multiple crimes (murder, conspiracy, aggravated assault, robbery, etc.) after a shooting death occurred at a gambling house in North Philadelphia. At trial, Mr. Nenner successfully presented a self-defense argument and convinced...


    Mr. Nenner’s client was charged with murder and gun charges in Philadelphia. The client was accused of shooting and killing another male on Arch Street near the 5600 block of Ithan Street in Philadelphia. The jury returned a verdict of not guilty after deliberating...

    Drug Possession Case – Motion to Suppress Granted

    Mr. Nenner presented evidence that to show that the traffic stop was a pretextual stop. The officer had no reason to pull the car over. The judge agreed and suppressed the evidence. As a result, the prosecution withdrew the charges.

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