David S. Nenner Secures Acquittals in Two Attempted Murder Cases in Philadelphia

For immediate release, January 23, 2014

Philadelphia criminal lawyer, David S. Nenner, secured acquittals in two separate attempted murder trials within 2 months of each other.

January 2014: Acquittal in Attempted Murder Case in Philadelphia

Earlier this month, Mr. Nenner successfully defended his client, a Philadelphia man accused of Attempted Murder, Aggravated Assault, Possession of an Instrument of Crime and various gun charges. The case was one of the first cases to be tried under the new Grand Jury system. See discussion below. Mr. Nenner was able to prove that the alleged victim had previously lied to police and the grand jury. In addition, Mr. Nenner cast doubt on the victim’s identification of his client, which was largely dependent on the clothing worn by the shooter.

Philadelphia’s Grand Jury System Gives the DA an Unfair Advantage

In cases where the District Attorney’s office raises a concern with the court that there are safety issues, such as witness intimidation issues, the DA can conduct the grand jury proceedings in secret. This puts the accused at an incredible disadvantage; neither the accused nor his attorney is allowed to be present or obtain information about the testimony, witnesses, etc.

In addition, there is no preliminary hearing which is held in most criminal cases. Therefore, with the new Grand Jury system, the first time that a defendant gets to confront the witnesses against him is at trial. Also most of the witness statements and their testimony presented to the Grand Jury are not provided until 45 days before trial. Despite the difficulties presented with the new Grand Jury system, Mr. Nenner was still able to succeed in securing an acquittal for his client.

November 2013: Acquittal in Attempted Murder Case in Philadelphia

In another attempted murder trial last year, a Philadelphia jury acquitted another one of Mr. Nenner’s clients who was charged with Attempted Murder, Conspiracy, Aggravated Assault, and gun charges. His client was tried again, after the first trial resulted in a hung jury. During the second trial, or retrial, Mr. Nenner again attacked the victims’ credibility and identification of his client. The jury agreed with Mr. Nenner’s arguments and acquitted his client.

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