Facing Murder Charges in Philadelphia? Initial Steps to the Best Defense


An experienced criminal lawyer will exhaust all legal avenues for a successful outcome in a murder case in Philadelphia. This means filing motions to suppress or other complex legal motions or trial motions. Oftentimes, the success of these motions depends on the judge who decides them.  While judge shopping certainly isn’t allowed, an experienced criminal lawyer in Philadelphia will know the odds of success depending on the judge who gets assigned to the matter. Some judges are known to be more lenient than others; some are more versed in complex criminal legal issues than others.

Accordingly, issues must be presented and argued in the best light possible, taking into account the characteristics of the assigned judge. An experienced criminal lawyer will be better able to accomplish this than an out of state attorney or an attorney who hasn’t argued motions in front of the judges at the Criminal Justice Center in Philadelphia.

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Hiding facts or details is one of the most important factors that affect the success of a major felony case like a murder or homicide case. Oftentimes, people charged with a felony will hide facts due to embarrassment or just plain forgetfulness. In order to present the best defenses, a lawyer has to know everything about the case, the incident and the defendant’s relationship with the victim.


Murder cases in Philadelphia often depend on the testimony of an eyewitness and other witnesses. In the days, weeks and months after a homicide occurs, it’s crucial to identify every possible witness. Even little details like the color of a shirt or type of car can make or break a defense.

In addition, Philadelphia murder cases often involve beefs between people. For example, the victim or a crucial eyewitness may have had motives to lie due to a long-standing feud between two warring neighborhood groups. In such a case, it’s critical to get the investigation going to identify all witnesses, anyone who could testify about the feud, the victim’s prior statements about the defendant, etc. This means hiring an investigator to conduct witness interviews, surveillance, etc.


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