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    Murder Charges in Philadelphia – Homicides Up in 2018

    Philadelphia is facing a record number of murders in 2018, the highest in over a decade. According to data provided by the Philadelphia Police Department, there were 351 homicides in 2018.

    Here’s a comparison of Philadelphia’s homicide numbers from 2014 to 2018. 

    Rates of Homicides in Philadelphia

    This chart shows a steady increase in the number of murders in Philadelphia over the past five years. From 2014 to 2018, there was an increase by over 100 in the number of murders in the city. That’s an increase of about 45% over a 5 year period. With the exception of 2016, the total number of homicides has increased each year. Already, 2019 is on track to keep up with the trend. So far in the first seven days of 2019, there have been 2 murders, whereas in the first week of 2018, there was 1.

    While the number of homicides has increased, the number of most other violent crimes has decreased. The number of rapes, robberies and aggravated assaults has decreased overall from 2017 to 2018.

    The number of homicides includes a variety of murder charges including First Degree Murder, Second Degree Murder (AKA: Felony Murder) and Manslaughter. These charges can result in life sentences, despite the recent election of a “progressive” District Attorney in Philadelphia. Visit our Philadelphia Murder Charge Law Library for legal info about murder charges in Philadelphia

    Rise in Charges for Drug Delivery Resulting in Death

    In addition, this number includes the crime of Drug Delivery Resulting in Death, a first degree felony. Given the extent of the opioid epidemic in the Philadelphia area, our criminal defense law firm has seen a marked increase in the number of charges for selling or delivering a controlled substance that results in death. These charges often result when an individual sells a controlled substance to an individual who then overdoses and dies. This charge is almost always filed with other serious felonies, which when added, can result in lengthy prison sentences.

    Philadelphia Criminal Law Firm – Murder Charges

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    Firm founder David S. Nenner is a top rated criminal lawyer and is known for his trial skill. Several of his murder cases have been featured in local news: 

    Commonwealth v. Prince and Commonwealth v. Timmons Due to Attorney Nenner’s investigation and efforts in a murder case, his client Mr. Prince was freed after spending months in jail; North Philly man freed 17 months after false murder accusation by Mensah M. Dean, (March 17, 2017); Co-defendant Timmons’ case was dismissed by the trial judge after Attorney Nenner’s mid-trial motion. 

    Commonwealth v. Speakes Attorney Nenner secured his client’s release on murder charges after videotape evidence showed the client’s innocence.

    David S. Nenner

    "Top Rated Criminal Defense Lawyer"

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    The Commonwealth alleged that Mr. Shelton shot and seriously injured a male in a bar in North Philadelphia called Circles. There was video of the shooting which happened outside the bar. However, Mr. Nenner presented witnesses who testified that the person in the bar...


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