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Federal drug trafficking is a serious crime. Individuals charged with Federal Drug Charges face serious consequences.

Lancaster, PA Man Faces Federal Drug Charges

Last month, a Lancaster man was arrested for allegedly running a drug operation from New York to Lancaster, PA. 27 year old Dante Allen Gillespie was arrested at a train station in New York as he was coming back to Lancaster. The police found nearly 200 packets of synthetic marijuana. Gillespie is facing federal drug charges.

Hazleton, PA Resident Faces Federal Drug Charges

Also last month, a federal grand jury in Scranton indicted a 55 year old Hazleton, PA resident for distributing heroin on two occasions. Juan Elvix Monsanto allegedly distributed heroine on December 15, 2015 and January 28, 2016. Monsanto faces up to 20 years in jail for each charge.

According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office’s news release, the case was brought as part of a district wide initiative to combat the nationwide epidemic of heroin distribution and use. This initiative targets heroin traffickers operating in the Middle District of Pennsylvania (Scranton, Harrisburg, Williamsport and Wilkes-Barre)

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Serious Consequences if Convicted of Federal Drug Charges

Individuals who are charged with federal drug charges face serious consequences. For instance, in the above case where the Hazelton man is alleged to have distributed heroin on 2 occasions, he faces up to 20 years in prison for each charge and 40 years maximum.

When sentencing a defendant, a judge is required to consider other factors under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines. Those factors include history and characteristics of the defendant, the seriousness of the offense and the need to punish the defendant.

It is important to note that defendants convicted of federal drug trafficking must serve a mandatory minimum sentence. For instance, the minimum sentence for a first offence of federal drug trafficking is not less than 5 years.  If the defendant is sentenced to 10 years, he cannot be paroled until he finishes serving at least 5 years in prison.

Individuals facing federal drug charges in Pennsylvania may also face Pennsylvania drug charges. Therefore, it is important to contact a PA drug charge lawyer who has handled state and federal drug cases.

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