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Assault Charges


How is Assault Defined?

In most states, a misdemeanor assault is committed when an individual (1) intentionally causes bodily harm to another or attempts to do so, or (2) acts in a threatening way to put another in fear of immediate injury. Simple assaults can easily be turned into felony aggravated assault charges when an individual is accused of (1) attempting to or actually does cause serious bodily injury to another, or (2) causes injury to another with the use of a deadly weapon (such as a knife, gun, bat, automobile or any blunt object).

Assault charges may stem from a variety of circumstances, some of which don’t appear intuitively criminal. Fights and confrontations, regardless of whether physical violence was involved or who threw the first punch, may result in assault charges. Even threats and road rage may qualify as an assault.

What’s at Risk if You’re Convicted of Assault

Depending on the circumstances, convictions can lead to severe and lasting social and legal consequences. In addition to serving jail time in a county or state facility, individuals may have a permanent criminal record, face expensive fines, and have difficulty purchasing firearms, leasing an apartment, or even finding a job. Individuals may be forced to seek counseling and have their visitation rights with their children supervised or suspended if they are divorced. It is important that you have a skilled lawyer who can separate the legal issues from the factual circumstances to make sure your case is properly defended.

Philadelphia PA Criminal Lawyers Who Handle Assault Cases

Nenner Law works with skilled private investigators to determine the circumstances of each case. Certain factors, such as acting in self-defense and intoxication or drug use, can go a long way to reduce the severity of the charges or even beat the case. Our attorneys take personal care to discuss the nature of your case with you or your family and defend your actions in the courtroom.

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