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Fraud & Insurance Fraud


Types of Fraud Cases

State and federal investigators have increasingly been pursuing fraud charges at all levels in response to the recent mortgage crisis and misconduct on Wall Street. Typically, these cases involve mortgage fraud, welfare fraud, securities fraud, healthcare fraud, mail fraud, accounting fraud, computer fraud, credit card fraud, bank fraud, embezzlement, tax fraud and evasion, identity theft, and forgery.

Conviction rates in federal cases in Pennsylvania and New Jersey are higher than in state courts and often involve harsher penalties. Investigators are extremely thorough in developing their cases and may take months or even years to indict a suspect.  Because the state and federal systems retain dual sovereignty over these cases, an accused may even be tried twice. For this reason, it is crucial you retain an experienced and skilled attorney if you have been suspected or charged with allegations of fraud.

Philadelphia PA Criminal Defense Lawyers Who Handle Fraud & Insurance Fraud Cases

Nenner Law counsels individuals prior to indictment or arrest and advocate zealously with authorities to stave off an indictment all together when you are merely a “target”.  In many situations, simply answering investigators’ questions and clarifying the source of suspicion may avoid indictments; what may seem like deceptive business practice, for instance, may actually be the product of fluctuating market conditions or an honest mistake.

Our attorneys have substantial experience litigating in federal courts and retain a proficient understanding of the Federal Rules of Evidence and Sentencing Guidelines. And, as most cases require negotiation of these guidelines, our attorneys are best equipped to represent your interests both in and outside of court.

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