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    Theft, Robbery & Burglary Charges

    Theft, Robbery & Burglary Defined

    Theft, larceny, and robbery are offenses that involve the unlawful taking of someone’s property. Robbery is the taking of property from another with force, whether it be a purse snatching or a gun point robbery.  Burglary is defined as the entering into one’s premises, home or business, with the intent to commit a crime inside the property.  These offenses vary in degree depending on the facts and circumstances of each case. If a deadly weapon such as a gun is used there is a mandatory minimum sentence of five (5) to ten (10) years of state incarceration required by law if convicted.  Believe it or not, the gun does not even need to be recovered to face this penalty.

    We also handle all similar theft offenses, including:

    • Shoplifting
    • Car theft or car jacking
    • Receiving stolen property
    • Identity theft
    • Armed robbery
    • Writing bad or fraudulent checks
    • Forgery
    • Credit card theft
    • Embezzlement
    • Trafficking stolen goods
    • Mail fraud
    • Insurance fraud

    Philadelphia PA Criminal Defense Lawyers Who Handle Theft Related Cases

    Because every case is unique, felony and misdemeanor theft charges require a knowledgeable and aggressive defense. David Nenner knows your rights and will take the time to personally explain them to you and lead you through the criminal justice system and court process. With decades of experience, Mr. Nenner is best equipped to represent you during every stage of your defense.

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    Mr. Nenner's client was charged with multiple crimes (murder, conspiracy, aggravated assault, robbery, etc.) after a shooting death occurred at a gambling house in North Philadelphia. At trial, Mr. Nenner successfully presented a self-defense argument and convinced...


    Mr. Nenner’s client was charged with murder and gun charges in Philadelphia. The client was accused of shooting and killing another male on Arch Street near the 5600 block of Ithan Street in Philadelphia. The jury returned a verdict of not guilty after deliberating...

    Drug Possession Case – Motion to Suppress Granted

    Mr. Nenner presented evidence that to show that the traffic stop was a pretextual stop. The officer had no reason to pull the car over. The judge agreed and suppressed the evidence. As a result, the prosecution withdrew the charges.

    Attempted Murder Case – Not Guilty Jury Verdict

    Mr. Nenner presented a self-defense argument, and the jury returned a “not guilty” verdict after a 7 day trial in Philadelphia.

    3rd Degree Murder Case – Charges Dismissed for Co-Defendants

    Mr. Nenner represented co-defendants in a shooting death in North Philadelphia. Both cases were ultimately dismissed.

    Pennsylvania Murder Charges, Deceased Person’s Statements Used to Prove Guilt

    Defense Trial Strategies – Excluding Statements That Accuse the Defendant Prosecutors often look to a deceased individual’s statements made prior to a murder to show that the defendant is guilty. These statements may point to a history of violence between the deceased...

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    Federal and Pennsylvania state courts treat narcotics dog searches differently. So different that the same scenario could result in different outcomes in federal versus state court. For example, a Philadelphia resident is pulled over for speeding. During the traffic...

    Dog Sniff Searches of Cars in Pennsylvania Traffic Stops (Federal Law)

    Dog or canine searches of cars during traffic stops in PA often lead to drug possession/dealing charges and gun charges. For example, a police officer pulls over a driver for speeding. During the traffic stop, a canine search is performed revealing several bags of...

    Federal Drug Dealing Crime Sentencing Law – Mandatory Minimum Sentences Reduced in Phila. Cases

    On December 21, 2018, federal sentencing laws for drug cases were amended significantly. The First Step Act removed the mandatory life sentence for 3 time drug offenders in high quantity drug dealing cases and also reduced the mandatory minimum sentences for 2nd...

    Chester, PA Shootings & Homicides, May 2020

    Homicides and murders are up in both Chester and Philadelphia PA so far in 2020. Murder investigations when homicide rates are high may lead to false confessions.