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    Bail & Nebbia Hearings

    Getting Out of Jail After an Arrest

    When our clients have been arrested and charged with a crime, our first objective is to get them out of jail. Because the court process and criminal system is very complex, we pursue an aggressive approach that is unique to each individual and their specific case.

    Misdemeanor Cases – Getting Out of Jail

    For misdemeanor arrests, individuals are typically released subject to certain conditions. Individuals with close ties to the community who do not pose a threat of danger or the risk of flight may be granted pretrial release in exchange for their promise to appear in court. If, however, they fail to appear in court as scheduled, a warrant for their arrest will be issued and they may be charged with failure to appear in court.  Prior failures to appear in court often lead to higher bail if arrested in the future.

    Bail Hearings in Felony Cases

    Bail hearings are a common issue in felony arrests. Every charge has its own corresponding bail but, depending on the crime and the criminal history of the defendant, it is possible to get the bail amount reduced under certain conditions.

    Nenner Law understands the laws and procedures that apply to these situations. Our attorneys are successful advocates who have represented countless individuals seeking bail reductions or release from jail.

    Nebbia Hearings in Pennsylvania

    Our attorneys have extensive experience representing defendants in Nebbia hearings and ensuring their release from jail.  In some instances, most often drug cases where large quantities of drugs are recovered, a Nebbia Order will be placed upon you and bail can not be paid until you prove that the money being used to pay your bail is coming from a legitimate source.  That is, that the money is not coming from the proceeds of drug sales or other illegal activity.

    Therefore, it is extremely important that we get information, including paystubs, bank account records and other documentation from you, your family or close friends as soon as possible so we can file a petition to get the Nebbia Order lifted so your family can pay your bail and you can be released from prison.

    At a Nebbia Hearing, the individual who will be paying bail must come to court to show the appropriate paperwork to the court and be told that they will be the surety for bail and therefore it is their responsibility to ensure that you, the defendant, appear in court at all listings until the case is over.  Once the case is over, the surety will get a large percentage of the money paid for bail back from the courts.

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