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    Pennsylvania Drug Related News (Dec. 2016) – By a Philadelphia Criminal Drug Charge Lawyer

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    In November, two drug rings were raided by law enforcement and multiple individuals were charged with various drug charges for supplying drugs to buyers in State College, PA.

    After their arrests, on November 29, 2016, a grand jury released its findings on these two drug rings.

    The first drug ring, the smaller of the two, was allegedly run by Wilber “Bosh” Calliste who is from Reading, PA, and Joshua “Josh” Powell who is from Yonkers, NY.

    According to court documents, Calliste and Powell sold various drugs, i.e., heroin, cocaine and marijuana, out of Bellefonte. They also cooked and packaged the drugs there as well.

    Buyers would call over the phone and arrange the drug deal. Between April and July of 2016, law enforcement arranged five “staged” deals to catch the men. During one of the “staged” deals, Calliste arrived very late and gave four small bags of crack, in addition to the large bag ordered, to the buyer for free to compensate for his late arrival.

    In addition, the court documents stated that both Calliste and Powell were also delivering drugs to Inferno, a local bar. Between Fall of 2014 and August 2016, the two men sold over $50,000 worth of drugs.

    The second drug ring allegedly involved the Azim “Z” Robinson group. Azim “Z” Robinson headed the group and had several dealers working for him. It is believed that some of the dealers were possible family members.

    During the grand jury proceeding, witnesses testified that “Z” Robinson sold some drugs in person, but started to arrange drug deals over the phone around 2014. Robinson’s dealers would then deliver the drugs to the buyers.

    Even though Robinson did not arrange the drug deal in person, buyers were told that he was always watching. One of Robinson’s associates, Eugene “Ziggy” Batchler told buyers that Robinson’s always around even when Robinson was in Philadelphia.

    Robinson’s dealers also allegedly sold drugs in hotels where they would stay. They would also stay with anyone who would house them. In particular, they targeted female heroin addicts for places to stay.

    After the group sold the drugs, Robinson and his group would return to Philadelphia. State College buyers would then travel to Philadelphia to buy the drugs.

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    *Source: (Grand jury releases findings on two State College drug rings)

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