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    Silence is Golden

    Always exercise your right to remain silent ! Police are trained to solicit statements that will later be used to try to convict you. Lies are just as incriminating as admissions of guilt.

    Never ever willingly converse with police without first talking to a trained criminal defense attorney. You have an absolute right to shut up and demand legal representation. Police will often try to convince you that if your innocent there is no need for a lawyer.

    Your Constitutional rights belong to you alone and no one else including police have the ability to deny you those fundamental rights.

    However you must educate yourself to effectively prepare for police deception. A prime example occurs when law enforcement tells an individual that he or she must go into custody to answer questions. The typical statement by police: You are wanted for questioning ! There is no such crime and if you are made to go into custody then you are doing so against your will. That means that you are under arrest albeit illegally so that you should ask for a lawyer and say nothing until after you are given access to your lawyer or a public defender if you are unable to afford one.

    Police will often hold you in custody for hours even days in an attempt to solicit information from you. Stay strong and wait it out. Remember if you are ultimately released without charges being filed against you then you have a civil remedy including a monetary claim against police for false arrest.

    One of the most common problems associated with responding to police inquiries is the consequences that may follow. You cannot be charged with any crime for remaining silent . However you can be charged for crimes which arise directly from your decision to speak.

    If you provide inaccurate information even if you are merely a witness and not the intended police target then you will most likely be charged with the crimes of false police reports and or obstruction of justice.

    Also understand that once you provide information to police then you have now made yourself a potential witness in the case which means that you will be compelled to testify in court so long as a judge later determines that your testimony is of no risk to incriminate yourself.

    Remember, just like police have no obligation to consult you before levying charges against you similarly you have the absolute right not to consult with police regarding your choice to remain silent. When it comes to protecting your freedom silence is truly golden!

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