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    Case Results

    Schuylkill County First Degree Murder Case- NOT GUILTY Jury Verdict (December 2022)

    Commonwealth v. Whitted

    Mr. Whitted was charged with first degree murder, third degree murder and various lesser charges. The Commonwealth alleged that Mr. Whitted stabbed and killed a driver after an incident at a red light in West Brunswick Township. Mr. Nenner argued that the prosecution failed to prove first and third degree murder and also argued that the jury consider self-defense because his client was scared for his life after an aggressive road incident with the decedent. The jury returned a NOT GUILTY verdict on the first degree murder charges and was unable to reach a verdict on the third degree murder charge.

    Philadelphia Attempted Murder Case- NOT GUILTY Jury Verdict (April 2022)

    Commonwealth v. Shelton

    Mr. Shelton was charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault, illegal firearm possession, etc. The Commonwealth alleged that Mr. Shelton shot and injured a man at a bar in North Philadelphia. Mr. Nenner obtained a NOT GUILTY jury verdict on all charges after presenting an alibi witness at trial and also presenting witnesses who tested that the actual shooter was not Mr. Shelton, but someone who looked like Mr. Shelton. 

    Philadelphia Murder & Attempted Murder Case- Negotiated Significantly Lower Prison Sentence (Feb. 2022)

    Commonwealth v. Anderson

    Mr. Anderson faced murder and attempted murder charges after an incident in Northeast Philadelphia involving Anderson’s sister’s boyfriend and the boyfriend’s roommate. The DA’s office originally offered a plea deal of 40-80 years in prison. Mr. Nenner prepared the case for trial, and after picking a jury, Mr. Nenner negotiated a revised offer of 12-24 years.

    Philadelphia Murder & Robbery Case- NOT GUILTY Jury Verdict (May 2021)

    Commonwealth v. Washington

    Mr. Washington faced two dozen charges, including murder, conspiracy, aggravated assault, robbery and various firearm charges, in connection with a shooting in North Philadelphia. At trial, Mr. Nenner successfully presented a self-defense argument and attacked the credibility of the prosecution’s witnesses. The jury returned a NOT GUILTY verdict. 

    Philadelphia Murder & Gun Case- NOT GUILTY JUry Verdict (April 2021)

    Commonwealth v. Jones

    Mr. Nenner’s client was charged with murder and gun charges in connection with a shooting and killing of a male on Arch Street near the 5600 block of Ithan Street in Philadelphia. The jury returned a verdict of not guilty after deliberating for twenty minutes. The jury believed that Commonwealth’s identification witnesses were discredited through cross examination and that it was physically impossible to observe the shooting from their vantage point.

    Philadelphia Rape Case- NOT GUILTY JUry Verdict (June 2019)

    Commonwealth v. Rolle

    Mr. Nenner’s client faced first degree felony sexual assault charges and was accused of raping his next door neighbor. The neighbors had a history of problems including an earlier incident which led to the accused’s wife filing a private criminal complaint against the alleged victim and her husband. The trial lasted one week and the jury found Mr. Nenner’s client NOT GUILTY of all charges including rape and sexual assault.

    First Degree Murder Case – NOT GUILTY Verdict on All Charges (March 2019)

    Commonwealth v Jabir Kennedy

    Mr. Nenner’s client faced one count of first degree murder, three counts of attempted murder and various assault and gun charges. Mr. Nenner presented a self-defense argument, and the jury returned a NOT GUILTY verdict on all charges. The case was featured in a article (, March 28, 2019).

    Third Degree Murder Case – Two Co-Defendants’ Cases Dismissed (March 2017 and Feb. 2018)

    Commonwealth v. Prince and Commonwealth v. Timmons

    Mr. Nenner represented co-defendants in a shooting death in North Philadelphia. Both cases were ultimately dismissed. The case was featured in a article (, March 17, 2017).

    Attempted Murder Case – NOT GUILTY Jury Verdict (June 2015)

    Commonwealth v S.T.

    Mr. Nenner’s client was a Philadelphia area woman who was charged with Criminal Attempt-First Degree Murder, Aggravated Assault and other charges. Mr. Nenner presented a self-defense argument, and the jury returned a “not guilty” verdict after a 7 day trial.

    Attempted Murder, Aggravated Assault – Judgment of Acquittal Granted (June 2015)

    Commonwealth v. E.L.

    On June 5, 2015, David Nenner obtained an acquittal for a Philadelphia man who was accused of Attempted Murder, Aggravated Assault, and gun charges. The trial judge granted Nenner’s Motion for Judgment of Acquittal on all charges except two gun charges.

    Philadelphia Drug Possession Case – Motion to Suppress Granted (March 2015)

    A Philadelphia court suppressed drug evidence obtained during a traffic stop. The officer testified that the car was pulled over due to a faulty tail light. Mr. Nenner presented evidence that the car was in perfect working condition. He called the owner of the car and presented maintenance documents, including a recent state inspection, to show that the “broken tail light” was merely a pretext to pull the car over. The judge agreed and suppressed the evidence. As a result, the prosecution withdrew the charges. 

    Philadelphia Man Acquitted of Attempted Murder, Aggravated Assault & Gun Offenses (June 2014)

    David Nenner obtained an acquittal for a Philadelphia man who was accused of Attempted Murder, Aggravated Assault, various firearm offenses and Possession of an Instrument of Crime. Mr. Nenner was able to show that the victim had previously lied to police and the Grand Jury.

    Philadelphia Man Acquitted of Attempted Murder, Conspiracy & Gun Charges After Retrial (November 2013)

    David Nenner secured another acquittal for a Philadelphia man whose case was retried after a hung jury. Mr. Nenner’s client was charged with Attempted Murder, Conspiracy and various other gun offenses. There were two victims who claimed to have been shot at by Mr. Nenner’s client. Mr. Nenner was able to cast doubt on the victims’ credibility.

    Videotape Evidence Frees Innocent Philadelphia Man Convicted of Murder After Two Years in Jail

    Philadelphia criminal attorney, David S. Nenner, secured the release of Amin Speaks after serving two years in jail for a murder he did not commit. The jury was offered surveillance videotapes which in conjunction with eyewitness  testimony established that he and his cousin who incriminated the defendant in connection with the murder were in a different section of the city when the homicide occurred.

    Murder Trial Ends in Acquittal

    In a racially charged emotional murder trial the juvenile defendant was acquitted of murder. The black male defendant was tried as an adult for shooting to death a white seventeen year old victim in the Fairmount section of Philadelphia. Almost all of the defendants’ companions testified that defendant committed the murder.

    Philadelphia Man Acquitted of Murder

    A Philadelphia area man was allegedly observed by the victim’s neighbor shoot and kill his childhood friend. The law firm’s investigation uncovered that the female neighbor was two blocks away at the home of her girlfriend at the time of the shooting. The girlfriend and her mother confirmed this essential fact. The defense suggested that the female neighbor’s uncle, another friend of the defendant and victim, committed the homicide. The uncle left town immediately after the killing. The client was acquitted of all charges and released from prison.

    North Philadelphia Man Avoids 10 Year Mandatory Sentence in Federal Drug Case

    A twenty- five year old male overcame testimony from a co-conspirator and cooperating government witnesses in Federal court. The jury deliberated for two hours determining that the defendant was not guilty of all charges.

    Hung Jury for Philadelphia Man Using Entrapment Defense

    In a federal drug case the accused denied that he voluntarily participated in a drug deal initiated by a government informant. The presiding jury was split and refused to convict defendant.

    Two Acquitted in Deadly Home Invasion

    Two north Philadelphia men were accused of missing their intended target and fatally wounding a young mother and paralyzing her toddler son. The target and child’s father was a thug who had numerous enemies.