May 302018

News Release, May 30, 2018

One of the recent Philadelphia murder cases handled by David Nenner, a firm partner and Philadelphia criminal defense lawyer, was featured in on May 29, 2018.  See (3 charged, none convicted: Why a North Philly murder remains unsolved)

On November 8, 2014, victim Nafis Owens was shot outside the Last Chance Bar located at 18th and Girard Streets in Philadelphia.  Kevin Prince, Mr. Nenner’s client, was wrongly accused of shooting Owens.  The prosecution received a tip from a jailhouse informant, 9 months after the shooting, who said that he saw Prince shoot the victim.  Prince was charged with murder and two other defendants were also charged in the case.  Prince spent 17 months in jail awaiting trial.  During that time, Mr. Nenner worked tirelessly, got a surveillance video from outside the Last Chance Bar, and came to believe that the shooter was Keahn Morrison, who was the victim’s friend and was with the victim that night.

Mr. Nenner went took his case file to the DA’s office and asked prosecutor Deborah Watson-Stokes to reconsider the charges and take a look at Morrison.  However, the DA’s office declined.  Ultimately, Mr. Nenner talked to the informant’s lawyer who was representing him in a federal robbery case.  The informant finally told the truth and admitted that he made the whole thing up.  He did not see the shooting. With the informant’s admission, Mr. Nenner’s client was released from jail.  For more, see Philadelphia Criminal Lawyer Helps Man Wrongly Accused of Murder.

The murder case was still scheduled for trial for the 2 remaining defendants, and Mr. Nenner was asked to represent one of the co-defendants, Tariq Timmons.  At trial, Mr. Nenner told jurors that evidence showed that the victim’s killer was his partner in crime that night, Morrison.  Mr. Nenner introduced the surveillance video that showed the victim and Morrison together outside the bar prior to the shooting.  Mr. Nenner also introduced eyewitness identification of Morrison as the shooter and other evidence that tied Morrison to the shooting.  In the end the judge acquitted Mr. Nenner’s client of all charges.

To this day, Owens’ murder remains unsolved, at least officially.  “What this says is Nafis Owens never got justice, because Nafis Owens’ killer was his co-conspirator that night robbing people,” Nenner said. “The bottom line is, he’s the one that pulled the gun and escalated the situation. He’s the one that made it into a gunfight. He got away with murder.”

In the article, Nenner also said the District Attorney’s Office wasted time and money and, more importantly, locked up men who didn’t deserve to be jailed.

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