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Pursuant to Pennsylvania law, property owners, retail stores, landowners, employers and onsite company operators can often be held liable for injuries that result from mismanagement, poor or nonexistent maintenance and other defects existing on the property.  Nenner & Namerow, P.C. has attorneys who have handled cases resulting from more mundane circumstances, such as trip and fall cases, to more complex matters involving claims of inadequate security, insufficient fire protection, improper design and failure to properly inspect and maintain commercial properties to successful resolutions.

Philadelphia Slip and Fall Accidents

Individuals who slip, trip and fall in Philadelphia may have claims against responsible parties including, but not limited to, property owners, landlords, and business owners, such as restaurants and grocery stores.  The following are common examples of slip, trip and fall accidents.

Sidewalk Fall Accident

During lunch time, an individual leaves her office to get lunch.  On her way to the restaurant, she slips and falls on the sidewalk due to ice on the sidewalk in front of a clothing store.  The pedestrian sustains serious injuries.  Employees of the store are supposed to clear any snow and ice by shoveling and/or putting salt on the sidewalk every morning when the store opens at 10 a.m.  However, the sidewalk was not cleared of snow and ice.  In such a case, the store may be responsible for the pedestrian’s sidewalk fall accident.

Restaurant Fall Accident

A patron at a busy restaurant gets up from his table to use a restroom located downstairs.  As the patron walks down the stairs, he trips and falls due to a broken step.  He falls down the rest of the stairway and sustains serious back injuries, as well as a concussion.  In such a case, the restaurant may be responsible for the patron’s stairway fall accident.

In both of these fall accidents, the store and the restaurant’s liability arises from failure to safeguard against falls.  The store should have treated the sidewalk with ice to prevent ice from forming or put up a caution sign on the sidewalk if employees did not have a chance to treat the sidewalk with salt.  The restaurant needed to protect its customers from dangerous conditions such as the broken step by fixing it or putting cones in front of the stairway and directing patrons to use another bathroom.

Philadelphia Business Liability

There are other types of business liability cases that do not involve fall accidents where customers or individuals are injured.  Liability can arise from a variety of circumstances, including defects in the interior and exterior of the property, failure to safeguard against falls, swimming pools, elevators and escalators, electrical design and components, fires, collapses or failure to safeguard against security risks.

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Page updated: December 8, 2016