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    Philadelphia Murder Charges – What to Know

    Why an Experienced Criminal Lawyer Matters

    An experienced Philadelphia criminal lawyer will exhaust all complex and nuanced legal avenues for a successful outcome. This means filing motions to suppress or other complex legal motions or trial motions. These motions are often dispositive and can result in dismissal of certain charges. In murder cases, while a not guilty trial verdict is the best outcome, getting the charges reduced might be in the defendant/client’s best interest due to criminal histories, financial issues, etc.

    Oftentimes, the success of suppression, pre-trial and trial motions depends on the judge who decides them.  While judge shopping certainly isn’t allowed in any criminal cases, an experienced criminal lawyer in Philadelphia will know the odds of success depending on the judge who gets assigned to the matter. Some judges are known to be more lenient than others; some are more versed in complex criminal legal issues than others. Accordingly, issues must be presented and argued in the best light possible, depending on the judge. An experienced criminal lawyer will be better able to accomplish this than an out of state attorney or an attorney who hasn’t argued motions in front of the judges.

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    Be Honest with Your Lawyer

    Hiding facts or details can negatively affect the success of a case. Oftentimes, people charged with a crime will hide facts due to embarrassment or just plain forgetfulness. For example, a Philadelphia man charged in a shooting death has an alibi – he was selling drugs. However he says nothing to his lawyer in order to avoid exposing himself to a drug investigation.

    In order to present the best possible defenses in criminal cases like murder or homicide, a lawyer has to know everything about the case, what happened on the day of the incident and the defendant’s relationship with the victim.

    Begin Your Own Investigation ASAP

    In a murder case, one of the most important factors for success is getting an investigation started immediately. The reality is that law enforcement tends to investigate murder cases with tunnel vision. Once a suspect is identified, detectives will stop investigating the crime and instead zero in on the suspect. Witnesses, photos and even video evidence may be lost, when time is of the essence. That’s why it’s crucial for someone facing murder charges to get their own investigations started. This means hiring an investigator who will investigate the victim, eyewitnesses, other witnesses, etc.

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