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*Last updated 10/28/16

Below are results of the firm’s lawyers in personal injury cases. *Since each case is unique, discussion of prior outcomes and settlements in past cases is no guarantee of a similar outcome in current or future cases.

High Six Figure Fast Food Restaurant Liability Case – Mentally challenged fast food worker sexually assaulted by co-worker.

After numerous contentious depositions the fast food restaurant settled the case for a sum in the high six figures. The setting of the crime was a Chester County fast food restaurant . The victim a seventeen old female was sexually assaulted by a co-worker who was part of the Delaware County Prison release program.

Six Figure SEPTA Train Accident – Child climbed through hole in fence and was struck and killed.

A five year old child who was throwing rocks with neighborhood kids got clipped by a train tragically ending his young life. The evidence revealed that the train conductor was conversing with passengers at the time of impact. The case was ultimately resolved for SEPTA’s statutory exposure.

$250,000 Settlement in UIM Car Accident Case in Philadelphia

A quarter of a million dollar settlement was obtained on behalf of a young man involved in a motor vehicle accident in which a phantom vehicle caused our client to lose control of his truck and hit a concrete barrier on the highway. The client was in the course and scope of his occupation when the accident occurred.

The young man sustained strains and sprains in his cervical spine and suffered from cervical radiculopathy. A Workers’ Compensation case was filed on the client’s behalf and ultimately resolved. We were then able to pursue an uninsured/underinsured motorist (UM/UIM) claim on the client’s behalf against his employer’s automobile insurance carrier. After numerous submissions to the auto carrier to substantiate the client’s injuries and contentious negotiations, we were able to secure a settlement of the uninsured/underinsured motorist claim totaling $250,000.00. At the conclusion of the Workers’ Compensation case and the uninsured/underinsured motorist claim, we obtained settlements on the client’s behalf that totaled $300,000.00.

Six Figure Jury Verdict – Church ceiling collapse case against church’s insurance carrier

A verdict was rendered in favor of a historical Philadelphia Church against its insurance carrier.  The local Church experienced a collapse of a substantial portion of its ceiling, which caused widespread damage throughout the temple.  The insurance carrier refused to cover the damage in accordance with its contractual obligations.  This case was litigated based on claims of breach of contract and bad faith against the insurance carrier.  After a comprehensive trial on the issues, an award was entered for a gross amount of in the six figures, which was reduced by partial payments previously secured on behalf of the Church.

Six Figure Sidewalk Fall Accident – Sidewalk defect leading to fall accident; client suffered physical and cognitive defects.

A settlement was obtained on behalf of a woman who fell due to a defect in a sidewalk adjacent to a local university’s building.  Our client was left with physical and cognitive deficits that had implications on her personal and professional life.  Ultimately, after litigation, the case was resolved in our client’s favor.

Six Figure Slip and Fall Accident – Bathroom leak caused by defect in toilet led to slip and fall.

We secured a resolution in a case involving a woman in her mid-30s who fell in the ladies’ room at a historical commercial building in Philadelphia and sustained injuries to her back.  The leak in the restroom was caused by a defective product in the toilet’s flushing mechanism.  We were able to establish the property owner and property management company had ample notice of the ongoing problems and failed to take steps to ensure the safety of individuals occupying the commercial property.

Six Figure Sidewalk Fall Accident Jury Verdict – Woman walking in neighborhood tripped due to cracked portions of sidewalk and fractured ankle.

An award was obtained on behalf of a Hispanic woman who was walking in her neighborhood and was caused to fall due to deteriorated and cracked portions of a sidewalk outside a commercial beverage distributor.  The fall resulted in a fractured ankle that required surgical intervention.  After a comprehensive trial on liability and damages, we obtained an award of damages on behalf of our client, which was then reduced by a minimal percentage for the client’s comparative negligence.

Six Figure NJ Bicycle Versus SUV Car Accident – Bicycle rider struck and sustained serious injuries resulting in time lost from work.

A resolution was reached on behalf of a client who was struck by a sports utility vehicle while riding his bicycle in Stockton, NJ.  Our client sustained serious injuries to his shoulder and wrist, which resulted in an extended absence from work.  Ultimately, after establishing liability against the Defendant and substantiating the damages claims, a settlement was agreed upon.

NJ Car Accident Case with Pre-Existing Injuries

We obtained an award of $80,000.00 for a New Jersey resident involved in a motor vehicle accident who sustained serious injuries and exacerbations of his preexisting conditions.  After trying the case at arbitration, the parties were able to reach a resolution when the case was on the verge of trial in Cape May County.

Philadelphia SEPTA Bus and Car Accident – Bus Passenger Received Maximum Recovery

Our client, a SEPTA bus passenger, was injured when a vehicle struck the SEPTA bus. Our client sustained soft tissue injuries and underwent several months of physical therapy.  Our Philadelphia personal injury lawyers were able to secure the maximum recovery possible from the insurance company of the passenger vehicle.

Pedestrian Struck by Car in Philadelphia – Successful UIM Claim

A woman was crossing the street in front of a stopped SEPTA trolley when a car bypassed the trolley and struck her, despite having an affirmative obligation to wait.  As a result, our client sustained a concussion and soft tissue injuries.  Because the car did not stop after it hit the pedestrian, we filed an uninsured motorist (UM) claim on behalf of our client.  We were able to recover pain and suffering damages, lost wages and other losses associated with the accident.

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