Criminal Forfeitures

Criminal Forfeitures in Philadelphia

You could lose your house, car, money or other property if someone is arrested for selling drugs from your home.  State and federal laws are becoming increasingly severe as more crimes now invoke forfeiture statutes. When the government believes that you or someone else used your property to support criminal activity, forfeiture statutes enable government seizure of your property. This is not limited to simply drug paraphernalia or weapons, but may include one’s house, car, bank account, cash, computer, and more. Property forfeiture may arise in a number of situations, including:

  1. A drug related arrest executed while the defendant was driving, particularly if the drugs were or were suspected of being in the car;
  2. A car or other property was used for illegal purposes with or without the owner’s knowledge;
  3. The police seize money or property they believe was obtained through illegal activity or purchased by drug money;
  4. Drugs were or allegedly were sold inside a house, with or without the owner’s knowledge; or
  5. An individual possessed a large amount of cash when charged with a drug offense.

Oftentimes, the illegal activity was conducted without the property owner’s knowledge or participation. Still, the forfeiture laws authorize the police to seize the property. It is very important to know your rights in such situations and to remember that your property may not be held indefinitely. Working with an experienced attorney is crucial to obtaining your property successfully because there are certain rights you may lose if you do not take action. The laws are complicated because they include three levels of forfeiture: criminal forfeiture, administrative forfeiture, and civil forfeiture. Each hold a different burden of proof and the government may choose one level over another, depending on the strength or weakness of their case. Many criminal defense attorneys do not deal with forfeiture cases, as do many civil attorneys who believe it is too closely related to criminal law. Nenner Law has extensive experience fighting asset forfeiture at all levels and is prepared to take on any case. We have successfully challenged countless forfeiture cases and defended innocent spouses, friends, and family members who have been wrongly denied their personal property. Our skilled approach and expertise ensure your rights are protected and your property is safe from government control. 

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