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Philadelphia Gun Crimes Lawyer

While the Second Amendment of the Constitution gives you the right to bear arms, the use of and activities related to firearms are restricted in many ways by state and federal governments. In Pennsylvania, you are subject to certain laws designed to maintain the safety of all citizens in the matter of deadly weapons. Violating these laws can lead to criminal charges. Furthermore, the use of guns in crimes ranging from violent crimes to drug offenses, theft, and more can significantly increase the seriousness of the offense leading to potentially harsher consequences. 

At The Nenner Law Firm, we have extensive experience defending individuals accused of weapons violations and gun charges, including both misdemeanor and felony offenses. Without a skilled criminal defense lawyer on your side who understands the law, and your Constitutional rights, and who can make the right arguments on your behalf, you may be subject to mandatory minimum sentencing and a mark on your criminal record that can haunt your future for years to come. Mr. Nenner is backed by more than three decades of criminal law and trial experience that can be used in your defense.

Charged with a gun crime? Discuss your situation with our Philadelphia gun crimes attorney at The Nenner Law Firm. Your initial consultation is complimentary. Contact us online or at (215) 515-0042. Hablamos español. Available 24/7.

Gun Charges in Philadelphia

Our firm handles all types of state and federal gun charges, including but not limited to:

  • Unlawful possession of a firearm
  • Possession of an instrument of crime
  • Violations of the Uniform Firearms Act 
  • Assault with a deadly weapon
  • Possession of a gun by a convicted felon
  • Straw or illegal purchase of a gun
  • Using a gun while committing another crime
  • Illegal sale of a firearm
  • Possession of a weapon on school property

Our proven strategies have been successful in getting evidence thrown out and cases dismissed by arguing that the police violated your Constitutional rights with an illegal search and seizure; raising doubt over the accuracy of the prosecution’s case; or presenting mitigating circumstances that reduce or even eliminate criminal responsibility.

Examples of the charges you may be facing in various gun crimes can include:

  • Felony: Carrying a gun in your vehicle or on your body outside of your home or business without a valid concealed carry license.
  • Felony: Possession of a gun as a convicted felon, undocumented immigrant, or dishonorably discharged military servicemember.
  • Felony: Possession of a gun on school property.
  • Misdemeanor: Intending to commit a crime while carrying a gun.
  • Felony: Providing a minor with a gun.
  • Felony: Removing or altering gun identification numbers.

With increasing crime in Philadelphia, law enforcement and prosecutors are more intent than ever to locate, charge, and punish gun offenders. Furthermore, gun laws are complicated and ever-changing with legislatures frequently seeking to pass new restrictions. Trying to defend yourself against gun crime charges is never recommended. You will need an attorney who understands the laws and regulations in this practice area and who can equip you with a strong defense and tenacious advocacy. 

That is why we recommend that you turn to The Nenner Law Firm where we have been defending individuals since 1985 both inside and outside the courtroom. 

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