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    You only get one chance to hear the words, “not guilty” in your criminal case. Make sure you choose a top rated criminal lawyer who can assure you the best chance to get an acquittal. When under investigation for a criminal offense, hiring the right defense attorney is a personal and vitally important decision.

    Criminal cases accepted in Philadelphia, Delaware County, Chester County, Montgomery County & Scranton/Lackawanna County. FREE CONSULTATIONS (215) 564-0644

    Firm partner David S. Nenner concentrates his practice on criminal cases and has been rated by Super Lawyers as a Top Criminal Lawyer in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania since 2015. Mr. Nenner’s criminal cases, including several high-profile murder cases, have been featured in local and national news such as, CBS, ABC, People, NY Daily News, etc. See media coverage here.

    The Nenner Law Firm offers clients nearly 30 years of combined criminal trial experience in multiple state and federal courts throughout Pennsylvania, including Chester County, Delaware County, Lackawanna County and Montgomery County.

    Our firm has extensive experience in every type of criminal matter including:

    Our criminal lawyers also handle appeals and Post Conviction Relief Act (PCRA) petitions.

    We are Prepared to Fight Your Criminal Case Through Trial

    We are dedicated to protecting the rights and earning the respect of every single client.  We accomplish that goal by staying steps ahead of the prosecution and always being fully prepared to fight your case through trial before a judge or jury.  We work with a variety of special investigators, forensic experts and hair and fiber analysts to both challenge the evidence against our clients and question the prosecution’s theory of the case.

    We believe that the best defense is a strong offense.  Our attorneys commence investigating your case and preparing a defense from the moment you retain our legal services.  So, we do not sit back and merely let the District Attorney present its case.  We challenge the admissibility of evidence with pre-trial motions and prepare our own theory of the case, which we present in opening statements and weave throughout both the cross-examination of Commonwealth witnesses and the presentation of our own case.

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    Nenner Law, Your Philadelphia Criminal Law Firm

    Nenner Law has the training and professional experience to best protect your future freedom and liberty.  Your ability to care for and attend to your children and loved ones are at risk.  Therefore, you must ensure that you have zealous advocates in your corner who are willing to fight the prosecution’s case from every angle.  David Nenner has obtained acquittals in capital murders, multi-kilo federal drug cases, firearm possession charges, sexual assaults and many other violent felony matters

    We handle every aspect of a criminal matter.  This includes, but is not limited to, pre-arrest investigation, bail and detention hearings, preliminary hearings, motions to suppress, probation and parole violations, expungements and pardons, and Protection from Abuse petitions.  We also handle all charges in juvenile court when a minor has been charged with a criminal offense.

    Innocent Until Proven Otherwise

    In our criminal justice system, you are presumed innocent until you are otherwise proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.  Let the Nenner Law Firm assist you in assuring that you receive a fair and just result.  Schedule a free, private consultation with Philadelphia criminal defense attorney David Nenner.

    Contact us online today, or call our office at (215) 564-0644.  We also visit all the local prisons on a regular basis.

    Criminal Cases Accepted:

    • Philadelphia County
    • Montgomery County
    • Delaware County
    • Bucks County
    • Berks County
    • Chester County

    Our criminal law firm also handles major criminal cases in the Scranton (Lackawanna County) area including murder, drugs and gun possession cases. Get more info about our Scranton, PA criminal law practice. Call to inquire about representation in your area. (215) 564-0644

    Last updated: August 5, 2021

    David S. Nenner

    "Top Rated Criminal Defense Lawyer"


    Mr. Nenner's client was charged with multiple crimes (murder, conspiracy, aggravated assault, robbery, etc.) after a shooting death occurred at a gambling house in North Philadelphia. At trial, Mr. Nenner successfully presented a self-defense argument and convinced...


    Mr. Nenner’s client was charged with murder and gun charges in Philadelphia. The client was accused of shooting and killing another male on Arch Street near the 5600 block of Ithan Street in Philadelphia. The jury returned a verdict of not guilty after deliberating...

    Drug Possession Case – Motion to Suppress Granted

    Mr. Nenner presented evidence that to show that the traffic stop was a pretextual stop. The officer had no reason to pull the car over. The judge agreed and suppressed the evidence. As a result, the prosecution withdrew the charges.

    Attempted Murder Case – Not Guilty Jury Verdict

    Mr. Nenner presented a self-defense argument, and the jury returned a “not guilty” verdict after a 7 day trial in Philadelphia.

    3rd Degree Murder Case – Charges Dismissed for Co-Defendants

    Mr. Nenner represented co-defendants in a shooting death in North Philadelphia. Both cases were ultimately dismissed.

    Philadelphia Criminal Trials – Evidence Pointing to Another Perpetrator in Drug Possession or Drug Manufacture Cases

    In criminal trials in Philadelphia, one pretty common defense tactic is pointing the finger at another person at trial. This can raise enough doubt to result in a not guilty verdict by the judge or jury that the defendant was not the perpetrator of the crime. Here’s...

    Philadelphia Murder & Gun Possession Cases Increasing in 2021 – A Look at Common Charges & Defenses

    A look at PA criminal law for Murder (1st, 2nd, 3rd Degree), Aggravated Assault, Robbery, Possession of a Firearm, Carrying a Firearm Without a License, Carrying a Firearm in Philadelphia (misdemeanor).

    Pennsylvania Murder Charges, Deceased Person’s Statements Used to Prove Guilt

    Defense Trial Strategies – Excluding Statements That Accuse the Defendant Prosecutors often look to a deceased individual’s statements made prior to a murder to show that the defendant is guilty. These statements may point to a history of violence between the deceased...

    Pennsylvania (State) Drug Charges, Dog Sniffs & Constitutional Law

    Federal and Pennsylvania state courts treat narcotics dog searches differently. So different that the same scenario could result in different outcomes in federal versus state court. For example, a Philadelphia resident is pulled over for speeding. During the traffic...

    Dog Sniff Searches of Cars in Pennsylvania Traffic Stops (Federal Law)

    Dog or canine searches of cars during traffic stops in PA often lead to drug possession/dealing charges and gun charges. For example, a police officer pulls over a driver for speeding. During the traffic stop, a canine search is performed revealing several bags of...