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Gun & Firearm Charges


Many weapons violations and gun offenses arise from complicated situations and are coupled with charges for violent crimes or drug dealing.  A conviction on these charges can lead to a mandatory minimum sentence of 5 to 10 years in state prison. Oftentimes, no guns were recovered from the scene of a violent crime or the gun was in another location from where the drugs were being sold. In other situations, violent crime and drug arrests become more serious when firearms are involved. Simple assault can become aggravated assault or even attempted murder. Those accused of violent crimes such as sex offenses, robbery, or domestic violence face the possibility of serving longer sentences in state prison. Even carrying a gun in your car or in public without a license can lead to jail time.

You Need a Skilled Defense Lawyer to Make the Right Constitutional Arguments

Unless you have a skilled lawyer who understands the law and your constitutional rights and makes the right arguments, the facts of your case may not matter and a judge can still sentence you to a mandatory minimum sentence or more.  We are fortunate to have a former Philadelphia Assistant District Attorney in our office who worked in the Gun Violence Task Force and is therefore familiar with how the police investigate the illegal purchase of firearms so that we know every move the opposing side is making and we can be prepared for the Commonwealth’s arguments and evidence before it is presented in court.

Philadelphia Pennsylvania Criminal Lawyers Who Handle Gun Charge Cases

The attorneys at Nenner & Namerow, P.C. have extensive experience defending clients accused of weapons violations and gun charges. We specialize in both felony and misdemeanor charges, including:

  • Unlawful possession of a firearm
  • Possession of an instrument of crime
  • Violations of the Uniform Firearms Act
  • Assault with a deadly weapon
  • Possession of a gun by a convicted felon
  • Straw or illegal purchase of a gun

Our proven strategies have been successful in getting evidence thrown out and cases dismissed by arguing that the police violated your constitutional rights with an illegal search and seizure; raising doubt over the accuracy of the prosecution’s case; or presenting mitigating circumstances that reduce or even eliminate criminal responsibility.

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