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    Philadelphia PA Drug Cases Thrown Out Due to Corruption in Philadelphia’s Police Department

    Over a year ago, nearly 10 Philadelphia police officers became the subject of a massive internal investigation. The allegations involved corruption and stealing drugs and money from drug dealers. Most of the officers worked in the narcotics division at the police department.

    In May of 2013, veteran police officer Jeffrey Walker, was arrested and charged with ripping off drug dealers, stealing money and drugs. Walker had been the subject of an FBI investigation for over a year before his arrest. Almost immediately after his arrest, Walker confessed; he’d been arrested with $15,000 cash and drugs. He had planned to set up a known drug dealer by planting cocaine in his car.

    Walker has since implicated many other police officers and is cooperating with the FBI. Last month, Walker pled guilty in federal court to attempted robbery and firearm charges. His sentencing is scheduled for May 21, 2104.

    Source:, Ex-narc to testify against others under plea deal

    Philadelphia Drug Cases Thrown Out

    Since 2012, hundreds of Philadelphia area drug cases have been reversed or dismissed. This fiasco is one of the largest corruption scandals in recent U.S. history. The cases have been dismissed due to the inherent unreliability of the evidence and testimony of the officers involved in the corruption scandal. Basically, the testimony of these officers about drug evidence and drug investigations is no longer credible or believable. So far, nearly 100 drug cases involving Walker have been reversed.

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    Other Recent Philadelphia Police Department Drug Scandals

    Philadelphia Police Officers Arrested for Selling Heroin (June 2012)

    The narcotics division scandal is not the only one to plague the Philadelphia Police Department in recent years. In June of 2012, a Philadelphia officer was charged with selling heroin out of his patrol car, while in uniform.  A year later, the officer’s partner was charged with robbing drug dealers and using threats to keep the drug dealers quiet.  Source:, Philadelphia Cop Charged With Selling Heroin

    Philadelphia Officers Arrested for Conspiring to Rob a Drug Dealer (October 2010)

    In 2010, 2 officers were arrested after they conspired with drug dealers to rob another drug dealer (who was actually an undercover agent). Investigators received a tip that the 2 officers were stealing drugs/money from drug dealers. They then set up a sting operation, which resulted in the officers’ arrests. Source:, 2 Philadelphia Officers Arrested, Charged With Stealing Drugs

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