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Our criminal law firm represents clients in the Scranton and Lackawanna County area who face serious criminal charges including homicide, drug possession/dealing and illegal firearm possession.

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About Our Criminal Law Practice

David Nenner Top Philadelphia criminal defense lawyer

Defense attorney David Nenner speaks with reporters about a recent murder case. Nov. 29, 2017 *Photo credit –

David Nenner has over 30 years of experience representing clients in state and federal criminal courts. He focuses in major felonies and routinely handles high profile matters. Mr. Nenner accepts major felony matters in the Scranton area including  Wilkes-Barre and Hazleton. Read more about Scranton, PA murder and homicide cases.

Many of his cases have been featured in local and national news including, Daily News, and more. In his most recent case, he represented a Philadelphia man accused of homicide. After his client declined a plea deal that would have resulted in an extensive prison sentence, Mr. Nenner tried the case before a jury and obtained a NOT GUILTY verdict. The case was featured in a article in March 2019. He shot 4 men, killing 1, but turned down a plea deal. This month a Philly jury found him not guilty (, accessed on August 9, 2019).

Full Investigation & Trial Expertise

For all criminal matters, Mr. Nenner uses a simple, but effective approach. He takes all steps to ensure a proper and full investigation is completed. This includes finding helpful video footage or photos and interviewing all relevant witnesses. In another murder case, Mr. Nenner secured video footage showing that his client was innocent. The case was ultimately dismissed. Commonwealth v. Prince was featured in a news article, North Philly man freed 17 months after false murder accusation, March 2017.

Mr. Nenner is a skilled trial attorney. He effectively cross-examines key prosecution witnesses including police officers, eyewitnesses and character witnesses to raise doubt with juries. In June 2019, he obtained a NOT GUILTY jury verdict in a first degree sex assault case in Philadelphia. See Commonwealth v. Rolle, Docket No. CP-51-CR-0005699-2017.

Related Client Review:  “I chose Attorney Nenner because he insisted that I hire an investigator before I paid him a dime…my nephew was able to secure video evidence from several locations which established that my nephew was no where near the scene of the shooting at the time of the murder.” -Vernell Rainey

Legal Challenges to the Prosecution’s Case

Oftentimes, by raising legal challenges to the prosecution’s case, Mr. Nenner is able to get charges reduced or outright dismissed. Mr. Nenner often files Motions to Suppress Evidence in major felony cases. These motions are based on constitutional violations by law enforcement, such as illegal searches and seizures. When successful, they can be particularly effective. Learn more about constitutional law challenges in criminal cases.

Lackawanna County Criminal Court & Probation Info

*Info below is current as of June 2020; confirm info at

Lackawanna County Courthouse: 200 North Washington Avenue, 1st Floor, Scranton, PA 18503, (570) 963-6773

Probation Office: Brixx Building, 130 North Washington Avenue, 3rd Floor, Scranton, PA 18503, (570) 963-6876