Friends and family members of individuals in Philadelphia who are arrested for drug charges often want to know whether their loved ones will get bailed. This article will discuss the types of bail in the context of Philadelphia drug crime cases.

It is important to note that bail in a Philadelphia criminal case depends on the specific facts of the case, the charges, etc. If you have questions about bail in your criminal case, please contact our Philadelphia criminal lawyers. Under the Pennsylvania Rules of Criminal Procedure, the bail amount must be reasonable. You may be able to file a Motion to Reduce Bail.

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ROR (Release on Recognizance)

This type of bail is the least restrictive. Release from jail only requires the defendant’s written agreement or promise to return to court and otherwise comply with any conditions of bail. In some drug crime cases, a defendant may be bailed on an ROR status. This is particularly true for low level offenses, like Possession of a Controlled Substance or Simple Possession, where the defendant has no prior criminal record, is employed and has ties to the area.

For example, a young adult in Philadelphia is arrested for Possession of a Controlled Substance (Marijuana, over 2 ounces). The individual has no prior criminal record or arrest record and is gainfully employed in Philadelphia. The chances of ROR in this case are very good.

Conditional Release

When the court orders conditional release, the defendant is required to comply with specific conditions the court sees fit. Common conditions of bail in a drug charge case include drug/alcohol testing, refrain from the use of drugs/alcohol or drug/alcohol addiction counseling.

Unsecured Bail – Monetary Amount Not Required

A defendant in a criminal case may be released upon an agreement to be liable for a specific amount of money for failing to appear or otherwise failing to comply with the conditions of the bail bond. In the event of a failure to appear, the defendant would be required to pay the agreed upon amount.

Secured Bail –Monetary Amount Required

In many drug dealing (Possession with Intent to Deliver) cases, secured bail will be required, i.e., the defendant must post a monetary amount in order to be released. In Philadelphia cases, family members and friends often use bail bonds companies. These companies have special arrangements with the court and will either post the bond or promise to post the bond on the defendant’s behalf, and in exchange, the defendant pays a specific amount to the bond company, i.e., 10% of the total bail amount.

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